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Are you looking for a fully functional, all-in- one music streaming service that gives you 100% FREE access to music, artist profiles, live concert streams, gigs, and interviews from your favourite musicians and bands? Do you want to locate a band to hire for your special events? Look no further. Explore Local Music is designed to make searching for, and streaming local bands easier than ever before. No more hunting all over the internet by region, hoping to find music from local bands. At ELM, you can easily add your location in the search menu and start streaming local bands with just a few clicks of the mouse. Why search all over the internet, looking for local and global content when you can do it right here.

Here’s how it works The Audio player uses your set location, to collect a random playlist from the closest bands around you; working its way outward as it runs out of music in that region. You can also personalize the experience by simply using the filters or creating your own playlist. If you want to explore music in other regions, simply change the location in your search. Music and band profiles are being uploaded every day, so there will always something new for you listen to. That’s all it takes to start streaming your favourite local content for as long as you want.

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Here are some more perks you will find with ELM: With your free membership, you can access use our Events Tool to help you gain access to all of the musicians in your set location that may provide you with live content, such as touring information, live video streams of gigs, live streams of interviews and even podcasts. The events tool is a popular broadcasting feature uploaded through Mixlr that allows musicians on ELM host live shows and broadcasts just for us, the fans! By becoming a member of Explore Local Music, you can get access to your favourite musicians anytime you want and even find new ones in your area for FREE!

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How Musicians Experience Explore Local Music

Share & Engage– ELM makes it easy to connect our artists directly with publishers, producers, fans, labels, venues, festivals, and journalists through their profiles. Your profile can be used to upload songs and entire albums if you like. The more information your put in your profile, the easier it is for fans, potential partners, and interviewers to gain access to you and everything want them to see. You have unlimited uploading potential!

Stats – See for yourself how popular your content is by going into your stats and seeing how many times your songs are played and added to playlists. You can also use this handy feature to see for yourself what your fans really like the most to help you better post content for them.

Events Tool – Lets you live stream anything you want your fans, and everyone to see; including: live concerts, interviews, previously recorded podcasts, underground jam sessions, and just about everything else. Use this popular tool to encourage fan growth, book gigs, increase music sales, and to even interact directly with visitors through their social media.

Community – Use your membership to join a huge community of like-minded artists and build friendships, create partnerships, or set up collaborations. You can find other bands/artists, and use that information to hire opening acts while on tour, or even to replace band members. Check out our DEMO Video and see for yourself how easy it is!

Radio ID’s – Say hello to your fans! Add a drop to your radio ID, and let us all hear what’s coming next for you. Releasing a new CD? Playing a gig soon? Want us to know where to buy your merch? Simply plug Explore local music; say who you are; what band you are with, and upload for FREE!  It’s never been easier to quickly record and export and upload to apps there are countless apps to help you. Use your mobile device and it can be done in 15 seconds. It’s that easy!

If you want more information more information you check out our FAQ, or can contact us at info@explorelocamusic.ca