Chant Elle, Sing Girl! debute CD Review


Album Review: Chant Elle, Sing Girl!
Singer/Songwriter: Chantelle Line
Genre: Alternative Country
Produced by: Luc Michaud, Highland Studios, Windsor ON Cananda
Review by: Jeremy Bolton Rovere, Guitarist, Songwriter, Quebec, QC, Canada

Chantelle was born in northern Ontario and spent much of her adult life in Windsor. She now lives on Vancouver Island overlooking the Straight of Juan de Fuca, where the rainforest meets the sea. Her debut album has been a work in progress for seven years but what an amazing work it is!
This young vibrant singer-songwriter packs a lifetime of living into 10 short songs. She sings to her own beat and thank goodness for that! Mixing country with rock, metal, blues and ballads that show off her emotional depth and are so powerful at times they can dominate the room. She makes you want to stop and listen, having much to say and it is all worth hearing.
The album opens with “Chemistry”, a classic shuffle beat and lyrics that narrate the story of two people who leave their dates after finding each other on the dance floor and go home together. It is a beautiful romantic tale with a beat that will lead it’s audience to the dance floor. When I first heard it, I thought, “Why isn’t this on the radio? This is going to end up on the radio, it has to!”. This song could genuinely make Chant Elle a contender for music fame.
“Everything But Me” is a sad story of a ruined relationship but ends on a phrase of strength and recovery. You can feel the pain and also the grit and determination in her voice as she tells her former partner that he can never possess her. It is my second favourite song.
Luc Michaud’s brilliant guitar into on “Found Out Through You” makes you want to hear more from the Chant Elle – Michaud team. Again, Chant Elle’s powerful words, “There’s a pain when we slumber, you don’t love me anymore” hit so many nerve endings. I was so moved by her emotional performance that if she had been in the room I would have hugged her.
She has a unique way of reaching her audience, from a fragile broken hearted woman, to a naive country girl, to a sassy vibrant lover you just can’t quite hold on to, she sure shows a lot of sides to her personality! With the song “If Any Cock’ll Do…” you see she also has a playful sense of humour to top it all off! It’s a cheeky put down to a former lover, has an edgy blues swagger and could very well be the go-to-reply when encountering an ex-lover who may not have appreciated your loyalty.
Congratulations to Chant Elle for persuading Canadian super star fiddle player Ashley MacIsaac to make a guest appearance in “Fairytale Ending”. I’ve never met Chantelle Line or Ashley MacIsaac in person but she told me how it came about. She mentioned having a car for sale he came to look at, found out they only lived a few blocks from each other and after some chit-chat on a test drive, he offered to join her at Polar Bear Productions a couple times and record, no charge! Ashley sounds like a great guy! Pete Palazzolo was producing the album at that time as I understand it, and you can hear his out standing guitar work throughout the song making it super fierce!
“Atonement” tells the story of a young woman’s struggle to break free from her addictions and poor life choices. The lyrics are almost spiritual as she “took a walk out to the trees, let my clothes off in the breeze” you can imagine a woman walking into water to be baptized the old fashioned way. It’s a song about rising above, finding yourself, and having the strength to harmonize with your destiny. This is another track I expect to get some radio play.
Instantly snapping my fingers everytime I hear “Born To Love You” and the vocals remind me a bit of Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles. This is a great country song, new country at it’s best! “Cause it’s your happiness, that’s first on my list” lets you know she is the type of traditional thinker in relationship roles. That’s a turn on to any man.
The remaining tracks also have merit on their own. “Fall From Grace” was a surprise, as it is a cover of Korn’s Freak On A Leash, which is rap metal fusion. She didn’t completely country it up, instead made a metal country fusion. I really enjoyed it! Honestly, it makes you realize she can do anything with music, so I’ll be staying tuned to see what else this aspiring new artist gets up to. For a debut album, she nailed it, so did Highland Studios!
This album makes it clear Chant Elle can relate to both a male and female audience, writes lyrics that we can all relate to and stick with you all day. Listen to the album, better yet, buy the album so she can afford to keep recording! The world needs to get to know Chant Elle and they will if they just have a listen.


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