Sing Girl!-ChantElle

Album Review – Sing Girl! by Chant Elle 

written by Amanda McCarthy – singer/songwriter

Relationships have their ups and downs and Chant Elle debuts an alternative country rock album that hits on self love, break-ups and make-ups. Sing Girl! packs a honkey-tonk, country rock punch surely to catch some industry attention.

The 10-song album was produced by Luc Michaud, lead guitarist of the Canadian alternative rock band, One Man’s Opinion and also the founder of Highland Studios located in Windsor, Ont. Michaud showcases his musical versatility in Born To Love You, taking a pop country approach.

Another key contributor to this album is Windsor-Essex County Music Hall of Fame inductee, Pete Palazzolo of Polar Bear Productions. Palazzolo, started the recording process seven years ago with Chant Elle and crafted exceptional instrumentals to support her vision for the project. Pete focused mostly on Atonement and the lyrically witty, Everything But Me.

Born and raised in Blind River, Ontario, Chant Elle brings out her roots in songs like Everything But Me and Fairytale Ending. Famous Canadian fiddle player, Ashley MacIsaac, fills Fairytale Ending with that dirt and grit you crave, giving it a true country western feel.

If you are going through a down time in your relationship, listen to And Then Our Sun Will Shine, and be open to feelings of happiness and hope. The lyrics, “okay I want to try, we can leave it all babe so then our love can shine,” intentionally inspire one to let go of the past and move on to a bright future.

The story of her battle with alcohol and addiction is told in the calming song, Atonement. The vocal harmonies are sweet, melodic and have the power to take any listener on a healing journey.

Chant Elle and male vocalist from Windsor, Jacob Van Dongen join forces in Chemistry. Mutual attraction is the theme of this song with cheeky lyrics like, “I was looking at you, you were looking at me, thinking about the same thing… what’ll it take to reel you in?” The honkin’ blues harmonica delivered by Windsor musician, Dave Bracewell, sets a bold mood and will get you dancing.

The guitar melodies heard in Found Out Through You are captivating. Although confidence is evident throughout the album, Chant Elle owns up to her vulnerability and proves she is now headed in an upward direction. If you are on the look-out for new country rock with swing and story telling, I would recommend this album . Chant Elle plans to release a second album entitled Learning to Fly in June 2018.

Amanda McCarthy

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