Album Review: Tested on Humanz- Demencia by Bobby A.

This Montréal-based progressive metal-hard rock bands first album release will make you set up and listen. Lead singer Matt Jingles brings a new voice that easily transitions from gravel to silk. He is backed by Manu Pako on Bass and Stewie Button on drums.

Rod Madcore handles keyboard and gets credit for all the electronic affects. Together they are a tight knit group that explodes with raw motion on the five track album. The group states that their music is influenced by everyone from Adrenaline Mob to Trivium with The Doors and Frank Sinatra thrown in for good measure.

I don’t know if Old Blue Eyes is listening to them from his home in heaven but I’m sure he could relate to the emotion a matching those lyrics invoice if not the genre itself! Jingles voice and lyrics are full of power and raw emotion and conjure up, in my mind, and image of square jawed masculinity. The album should be played more than once if you want to dig into the essence of the message.

Insanity Of A Dead Poet was my favourite track to do the hard driving words the voice that throbbed with rough edged emotion and musical effects that at one point reminded me of those sounds produced by a very old a.m. radio. Although not an album I would listen to if I wanted to relax before going to bed it is well written, sung and played.

I also liked how House Of Gain handled the production for the album, to me the production is first rate. If you have read this far my review it means you are probably interested in the band, if so splurge on the album! It just might be the beginning of a great series from Tested On Humanz.

Bobby A.

Geriatric Writer, Poet


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