Using Social Media Analytics to Build your Audience

statsSocial media has made superstars out of local, unknown artists. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were one of them? All it takes is one awesome post to social media, and you could be the next Justin Bieber, Carly Rae, or 5 Seconds of Summer! Before Ed Sheeran was the most popular musician in the USA, he was just another Youtube poster. That is, until the right person saw his post and contacted him. Hey, for Bieber, all it took was a fan reposting his vids until they went viral and caught Usher’s attention, causing a bidding war with other producers for the right to sign him. The point here is that social media has become the most important platform a musician can use to building a fanbase. So how can an unknown musician like you increase your chances of industry insiders catching on to your music? It begins with understanding social media analytics.

Social Media helps you Build your Audience                

Social Media promotion for musicians is all about building an audience and boosting your fanbase. That is why almost all musicians in the world host multiple social media accounts in the first place. It is an excellent promotional tool, but did you know that you can do more than just post videos, songs, and updates to social media? Did you know that social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter can provide you with detailed accounts of who your audience is? Explore Local Music’s Stats feature allows you to see all of that in your profile features. At ELM, you can see more than just how many hits your profile gets so that you can create social posts that will help you build your audience faster. For example, in Facebook, you can view countless points of information if you know where to look, and how to use it. The images in this blog highlight some of the information that analytics can give you in your social media profile. All of it will tell you how to better build your audience by understanding who your audience really is, where they are and when.

You can see the same feature in your Facebook page when you log in to your ‘homepage’ If you click on the tabs marked “likes, Views, and Posts’ you can get accefb stats elm april 19, 2017ss to how many likes and shares you received.

If you go to the top if your artist page, you can click on the ‘insights’ tab and see the metrics of your site. This data will provide with information about your audience, including;

– Likes

– Views

-How many people saw it (reach)

– How many people engaged with your post (clicked on a link, comments)

If you look to the left of the image under the OVERVIEW menu, you can see that Facebook gives you plenty of different options of key metrics to look at. Click on any one of those menu items (likes, reach, page views, Actions on page, posts, events, videos, people, local, messages)FB stats page elm and see for yourself who your audience is, and how they are responding to your posts. By clicking on the ‘ACTIONS ON PAGE’ menu item, you will be able to narrow down your audience by country, age, gender, country, city, and device they used to view the site (PC, mobile phone, tablet). This metric even allows you to see who engages in your posts by profile identity. It’s awesome!

Twitter offers the same feature. All you have to do is log in to your account, right click on your profile icon at the top right hand side of the screen, and click on the menu item ‘analytics’ Everything you could ever want to know about your audience can be found in these sections.                                                                                                                  It All Starts with Understanding your Audience   twitter menu

Understanding how to take advantage of analytics in your ELM profile is also available. When you create a membership in Explore Local Music, and start uploading music, and/or posted some cool stuff with the Events Tool, you will want to know if anyone is actually paying attention to it? How will you know if your songs are being listened to? How will you know when to post more material for the best chances of engaging your fans? The stats feature at ELM acts in much the same manner as the analytics sections of Facebook and Twitter. It is free for members and can be used as a guidance system in understanding exactly what your audience wants, based on their actions and reactions to your uploaded content.

Stats & Analytics Will help you Build your Audience!

The data provided to you through the stats tool will give you instant access to information that you can use to:

  • Choose which singles to feature.
  • Choose which merchandise to run promotional offers/discounts for.
  • Learn which merchandise to change, promote more, or get rid of.
  • See which promotional campaigns are working & which ones aren’t.
  • Understand which parts of your profile get the most hits.
  • Choose which song is popular enough to create a video for.
  • Find out which region your top fans are from so that you can plan gigs there
  • Find out the ages of your top fans so you can plan social media campaigns around them
  • Use your stats to help you gain the attention of promoters, and potential agents.
  • Find out which uploads fans are promoting, and sharing in social media.

Since the stats are a feature that will be built directly into Explore Local Music, you will be able to access it the moment you begin to add things to your profile once the site is launched. The more content you add/upload to your profile, the more footprints you leave behind. The more footprints you leave behind, the more data the stats tool pulls up for you. Don’t just post content. Post content that your audience WANTS to see. Join Explore Local music today, and start uploading content before we officially launch the site so that your content is ready to stream. ELM is currently up in a bare bones style so that you can get a head start on your profile. When the site launched, we will be posting a tutorial on the stats feature, as well as the other features available so that you can use them as soon as you’re ready. Keeping checking in on our blog, or subscribe so that all articles get sent directly to your inbox.



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